By Mark La Ciura
contributing writer 

Thunder on the Mountain Car Show


October 14, 2023

Mark La Ciura.

We were blessed with fantastic weather for the Thunder on the Mountain Car Show.

We had a fantastic turn out of 262 cars preregistered at the Thunder on the Mountain Car Show. The weather cooperated with some clouds but the temps were cool, perfect for walking around the streets of Tehachapi on Oct. 1.

I have to give a shout out to all the volunteers who made the second try at getting this show together. It's a ton of work and planing. I am a car lover and I really enjoyed seeing all the cars and car owners at this great event. To add to that, the crowds were great, too. I think you could have this car show any time of the year and people would show up. Thank you to all the volunteers for all the hard work!

Some cars were checked in before 5 a.m. at the Kmart staging area so they could have the preferred parking spots in the show.

There is always something interesting to see and learn about. One of these cars was a 1923 Ford Model T owned by James Lockard of Tehachapi. Lockard did a fantastic 20-year restoration on this original Mojave car. The car was found in a backyard locally and was converted to a pick up. Then, Lockard converted it back to a Ford Model T four seater.

These cars were originally priced around $350 and if you wanted an electric starter, it would add $85. Just remember in that time period $85 was a lot of money.

Mark La Ciura.

James Lockard showing a friend his 1923 Ford Model T.

I saw pictures of what Lockard had to work with and it's nothing short of incredible to have a brand new looking, working car. I hope you got to see this Model T and talk with Lockard, he sure enjoyed talking about his Ford.

Car collecting is a true labor of love and you see many examples of this at the Thunder on the Mountain car show.

You may remember, Thunder on the Mountain had to be rescheduled when it was canceled due to Hurricane Hillary.

I know they are already planing next year's show. If you want to volunteer or get involved in someway, contact the Tehachapi Chamber via the show's website at I know I can't wait for the next year's show.


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