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By Diana Wade
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A Taste of Tehachapi


October 14, 2023

Fall is in the air. The days are getting shorter and I noticed some frost the other day on my roof. It will be very nice to have some cooler weather.

This time of year also starts all the holidays. Halloween is a big deal here in Tehachapi. There are all sorts of decorations, some specially spooky. Lots of Fall themed items are filling the local stores. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and so is Christmas! So, it’s really time to think about all the goodies and presents that we will enjoy with family and friends.

A Taste of Tehachapi, with all it’s artisan salts, spices, marinades, tea and jams, is now located at Miele Apothecary. Have you been in this new shop? Leanne has all natural and handmade lotions, soaps, bath bombs and so much more. I’ve joined her with all my items that are also all natural and handmade. Leanne and I pride ourselves on offering really cool stuff without chemicals, preservatives and things you can’t pronounce!

You will find my famous Cowgirl Rub and Black Powder Steak Seasoning in Miele. How about some Jalapeno Bacon salt! Goes great on popcorn and try it on eggs or spice up those veggies from your garden. Yum! I have seasonal jams, too. Try Elderberry, plum and peach. For a limited you will also find Apple Pie Jam.

Looking for that perfect gift? We have you covered. I have gift boxes all ready to go. Check out the tea sampler or the Bread Bakers sampler. It even has a recipe for overnight bread. I have a trio of specialty salad dressings, grill master items and offerings from Italy and France. How about a trio of popcorn seasonings? That gift box even has popcorn and a recipe.

I make everything myself, so you know it is fresh and all natural. I don’t even use an anti-caking agent.

Stay tuned for my also famous Christmas Jam. You can email me to pre-order at or text (661) 557-2589. Stay tuned for more surprises and seasonal items from both of us! We are located at 121 E. F St., right next door to ThaiHachapi.


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