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By Pat Doody
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Amazing fun with a maze


September 23, 2023


New to the Apple Festival this year will be a Red, White and Blue Step-over Maze designed by Dave Phillips, a well-known maze designer who moved to Tehachapi last year from the Los Angeles area.

Phillips has been designing mazes, both physical and in print, since before moving to the United States from England in 1960.

In 1993, Phillips designed the cover for the Aerosmith album "Amazing" and in 2017 designed the maze for Steven Spielberg's "The Haunting." He has authored over 50 books on mazes and puzzles and has been published in Reader's Digest, Highlights, National Geographic, Ranger Rick and Omni.

He says that corn maze designs are his "bread and butter." He designs as many as 75 each year. For photos and information on his work, check out his website at

Phillips will also have a booth at Apple Festival highlighting his mazes and labyrinths. It will be located next to the maze on F Street between Green and Curry Streets.


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