By Mary Beth Garrison
contributing writer 

Cheers to Charity 2023 – Tons of fun! Loads of impact!


September 2, 2023


Aug. 12 marked the 9th year of the Tehachapi's premiere fundraising event - Cheers to Charity. More than 800 people filled Aviator Park enjoying a perfect night in Tehachapi. There was amazing food, choice wines, refreshing beers, energetic dancing, games of chance and prizes galore!

"The evening was a smash," said Cheers volunteer Jason Stanley. Jason, Facility Superintendent for Airstreams Renewables was crucial in lighting up the park! Under a canopy of a thousand lights, partygoers enjoyed a perfect evening under the stars.

Airstreams, a Cheers to Charity sponsor, sent dozens of team members, to connect hundreds of cords, to illuminate the evening. Under the leadership of Tony Gouveia, these experts started on Thursday to transform the grounds. They identified areas needing light and carefully met the challenge. Tony, Airstreams Construction Supervisor, says that "Airstreams enjoys being a part of this event, because of the positive impact on business and local charities."

David Shea, a volunteer with Tehachapi Mountain Roller Hockey, thought the evening was perfect.

"My wife and I enjoyed the music and dancing under the stars. We are proud to be a recipient of this great event. It will make such an important difference for our hockey facility," he said.

Volunteers from 10 nonprofit agencies sold tickets, distributed supplies, poured wine, served food, carried straw bales and pitched in where needed. The agencies are critical to the success of the event.

Mandy Ferral, with MK Health, another Cheers to Charity sponsor, declared Cheers 2023 to be, "the best event of the year. Like fine wine, it gets better with age."

The Cheers committee tries to make improvements every year. They review the event and identify areas to refine the evening. From the footprint to the food, wine and beer choices they carefully make decisions in an effort to elevate the experience.

"I love being a part of the team," said Cheers committee member Bri Salminen.

Cheers to Charity 2023 – tons of fun, with loads of impact for local nonprofits.

"Being able to participate in such a wonderful event, and serve the nonprofits of this small community, is truly an honor," said Steven Huecker, a Cheers volunteer and the CFO for Have a Heart Humane Society.


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