By Sarah Mouchet
staff writer 

The future of the Greater Tehachapi Chamber of Commerce


August 19, 2023

On July 18, Chamber of Commerce President Jeanette Pauer announced she would be stepping down, allowing her assistant Clare Scotti to take office. Scotti came to the Chamber around the beginning of July as Pauer’s helper due to her experience and love of Tehachapi.

Clare Scotti holds a Master’s Degree in journalism, focusing specifically on magazine ethics. She’s started her own travel magazine, has been a substitute teacher, a real estate agent and done much more over her career. Currently, Scotti runs the Tehachapi Visitor Center and Discover Tehachapi, a wine tasting bus tour of local wineries. Now, she’s also Executive Director of the Greater Tehachapi Chamber of Commerce.

The Greater Tehachapi Chamber of Commerce is not affiliated with the government, rather it exists to advocate for businesses in the greater Tehachapi area to the government.

While Pauer’s resigning has thrown the Chamber into a phase of transition, Scotti believes that the Chamber is going, “in a really good direction to create concrete and tangible change” for the benefit of Tehachapi’s business owners. Pauer will be available as a volunteer to advise and aid the Chamber.

Surveys were provided to attendees of the Chamber luncheon, in which Pauer announced she was leaving, which asked business owners to share their wants and needs with the Chamber. Business owners who were unable to attend the July 18 luncheon are encouraged to stop by the Chamber and fill out a survey.

Reviews of the surveys collected so far by the Chamber have demonstrated two large wants of many Tehachapi business owners: access to financial management education and education on more diverse marketing strategies. Scotti is actively looking into arranging workshops based on the survey responses.

She’s also aware of the resurgence of business interest in wine walks, and is currently looking into the possibility of bringing them back.

So, what can Tehachapi business owners expect during the Chamber’s time of transitioning? Hopefully a renewed sense of open communication between the Chamber of Commerce and Tehachapi’s business owners that builds a thriving business environment in Tehachapi.


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