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Business updates through GTEDC

On the first Wednesday of each month, the Greater Tehachapi Economic Development Council meets in The Village Collective, 122 S. Green St., at 7:30 a.m. The GTEDC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting and supporting businesses in the Greater Tehachapi area. Small business owners and community members alike are encouraged to attend and indulge themselves in complimentary donuts and Tehachapi business happenings.

Various businesses and committees give short reports on the business climate and upcoming projects and plans. Among this month’s announcements at the meeting on Aug. 2 was the construction of a new fire station in Hart Flat by Kern County, which will allow the Keene fire station to focus primarily on wildfires and prevention.

The county also spoke about a lack of officers for the sheriff’s station due to a law that requires prison positions to be filled before police officers, such as road patrol.

New police chief Richard Standridge continues to work on bettering the community of Tehachapi with the resources available. Permanent and regular collaboration between Tehachapi, Bear Valley Springs and Stallion Springs police departments is in the works, which poses a unique challenge due to county jurisdiction lines. While the stations collaborate regularly already, Standridge felt a more solidified communication avenue was in order.

The chief has also heard the community’s desire for a neighborhood watch and let the people know that he is actively working on putting together something even better. Town hall meetings are in the works for both citizens and business owners.

Other noteworthy news includes the hiring of Rosana Vaughn for clerical help at the Chamber of Commerce. A video campaign by the Chamber to promote local tourism is in the works and local wineries continue to draw in tourists from all over the country since the region’s federal recognition as a wine region in 2020. The art show has also seen continuing success from tourists and locals alike.

Stay in Tehachapi’s economic loop by attending the next GTEDC meeting on Sept. 6 at 7:30 a.m. at The Village Collective, 122 S. Green St. Entrance on F Street.