By Judy Trujillo
contributing writer 

Peace in Our World Youth Art Contest

Rotary Club of Tehachapi


August 19, 2023

The Rotary Club of Tehachapi and the Tehachapi Healthcare District are joining forces to present several activities and events for our teenagers in Tehachapi.

Life has been difficult for all of us these past few years. Social isolation, loneliness, loss of school time and interaction with friends has caused a crisis with our kids and they are hurting. Our future as a society depends on them and their ability to navigate in the wider world. We want to give them the support and care they need to become successful adults.

Beginning in August with the return to school, we will start with the "Peace in Our World Youth Art Contest." Using the medium of their choice, students in grades 6-12 will be challenged to create an art piece that symbolizes what Peace means to them. Peace can be as all-encompassing as the world, or as personal as their own internal peace. All contest entries will be due Sept. 8 and the winner will be announced after the "Peace Walk" on Sept. 16. The walk is all about student empowerment and finding peace in their own lives, families, school and community. It will begin the morning of Sept. 16 at the newly installed Peace Pole dedicated Aug. 17 by the Rotary Club. Everyone is welcome to join us as well as we walk to support mental health and peace for us all. At the conclusion of the walk there will be ice cream at Kelcy's restaurant and the announcement of the art contest winners.

Sept. 16 will also begin the registration process for "Say Yes!," a leadership program to be held on Nov. 4 at Slice of Life from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. The day will be hosted by the Rotary Club and the Tehachapi Valley Heath Care District. It will be facilitated by Jani McGuire who has been working with teens since 2005. In that time, she created life skills/leadership workshops, after school programs and summer camps for youth ages 13 - 17. It is an honor for her to be facilitating "Say Yes" for the teens of Tehachapi, where she has lived for four years. Enrollment will be open to 9th through 12th grade students. Sixty students will have the chance to take part in the experience.

Being a teenager is tougher than it appears. Rotary and TVHD are working to support our kids and help them with the tools and resources they need. If you are interested in your child taking part or would like more information, please contact Judy Trujillo at

The Rotary Club of Tehachapi is a volunteer service organization with the motto, "Service Above Self." The club meets on Thursdays at noon. For more information about Rotary Club, you can visit their Facebook page at or contact club President Judy Trujillo, (661) 699-5851.


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