By Clare Scotti
contributing writer 

JR Long and his Portable Museum


August 12, 2023


Section of the banner created by JR Long.

JR Long, owner of Tehachapi Signs, has been keeping busy producing memorabilia for the Diamond Anniversary of the Tehachapi Mountain Festival. In the last few months, he has designed the festival's logo, created high end steel hanging trophies for Thunder on the Mountain winners, printed commemorative t-shirts and keychains, among other things. But the most inspiring project that JR has completed is a 90 foot banner illustrating more of Tehachapi's unique history.

For weeks, JR poured over census records and documents from the Library of Congress, City of Tehachapi and Cal State Bakersfield. He talked to local historians, like Charles White with the Tehachapi Heritage League, and learned about the cowboys and cowgirls that roamed the land. He even found historic cattle books with images of brands that were used to identify cattle from the myriad ranches across Tehachapi.


JR Long.

More than 300 hours later, JR had completed a banner that told a different tale of Tehachapi from the years 1863, before Tehachapi was incorporated, to 1966.

When JR started his research, he was immediately captivated by the depth and richness of its history. His passion for the project grew as he learned more and the result is inspiring. Come see this banner for yourself at the beer garden in Central Park Saturday and Sunday. The banner will be seen at multiple other events hosted by the Tehachapi Chamber of Commerce, the City of Tehachapi and other local organizations.


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