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Free inspections for peace of mind

John the Plumber

In a world that seems to have gone mad, where everything costs more and you get less, where common decency seems to have gone missing, there is hope! This might not be life changing news for everyone but for some it can make a big difference. It’s about your plumbing. Local plumbing shop, John the Plumber, has been looking for a way to give back to their customers and they believe they have found a perfect way to do that: with every service call, no matter how big or small, they will do a whole house plumbing inspection at no extra charge.

Ok, ok, we know this isn’t glamorous or sexy or fun. But it is important and can save property owners from having to experience a lot of heartache and expense that can result from defective plumbing. And it’s not just the property owners who will benefit from these inspections; tenants can benefit as well.

John Nelson, owner of John the Plumber explains why they feel these inspections are so important. “People don’t realize, until after the fact, how much damage water can do to their property and how doing a few key things could potentially save them thousands of dollars. For example, most people don’t realize that those hoses that supply water to their toilets have a ‘shelf life,’ so to speak. They really should be changed out about every three years not just when you put in a new toilet.”

What can happen if they aren’t changed out? “Hopefully, nothing,” John says, “but the potential for rupture or breakage of some sort increases with age and that can lead to huge problems for everyone in the home. Years ago we had a customer whose supply line to the hall bathroom toilet gave way while they were at work. Ten hours later they came home to two inches of water throughout the home. Every piece of personal property that was on the floor was damaged, as were flooring, walls and cabinets. It was a nightmare for them.”

What will this inspection encompass? “No matter the reason for our visit, we will inspect water supply lines in the home for leaks. That means every bathroom sink and toilet, kitchen sink, washing machine hoses and the water heater. We will check for dripping faucets, running toilets as well as leaking toilets. We will not only show the occupant where the water shut offs are for each of those systems, we will make sure that the shut offs are functional. It is not uncommon for water shuts offs to become ‘frozen’ or impossible to turn. Last, but not least, we will show them how to shut off their gas at the source in the event of emergency,” he said.

The folks at John the Plumber are here to serve so give them a call at (661) 823-8031 or (760) 373-7050 for all your plumbing needs.