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20 years of vines, 15 years of wine tasting

On July 1 at Tehachapi Wine and Cattle Company, Bob and Patty Souza joined Mike Van Atta and Beth Hamilton to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the planting of Tehachapi's first vineyard, and the 15th anniversary of the opening of Tehachapi's first tasting room.

Bob and Patty Souza were the original owners of Souza Family Vineyard that became Tehachapi Wine and Cattle Company when purchased by Van Atta and Hamilton.

The event created a full house at TWCC and included a fundraiser for Make-A-Wish Foundation. For a donation, guests could purchase tickets for a chance to win a wine refrigerator filled with wine donated by all of Tehachapi's vineyards. Tehachapi resident Kathy Zahnow was the lucky winner and Tehachapi Wine and Cattle Company was able to give Make-A-Wish as check in the amount of $2,090.