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Color and Light

The TALE: Tehachapi Art, Literature and Entertainment

The use of computer apps and the availability of self-publishing has been a gift to the reading community. Instead of meeting rejection at every step in the publishing world, new authors can have the satisfaction of seeing their characters come to life, page by page, when publishing their manuscripts themselves.

The opportunity is also available to create book covers, ones that truly reflect the author's stories in ways that intrigue the casual browser. With the ease of new technology, art is transferred from a sketch or photo into a brilliance of color and shimmering light. The cover becomes a window into the story, beckoning to be read. These covers are a benefit especially to our young readers where pictures are an enticing invitation to enter the adventure within.

Speaking of "story," Michele Story, resident of Stallion Springs, is one of Tehachapi's newest authors. With her love for teaching young children as motivation, she created a picture book featuring her own son Jessie in "Baby J and the Solar System." Simple language along with the help of her husband's skill in technology based artwork, Michele offers first concepts of our universe to the youngest readers. The book cover sends that instant invitation for children to join in Baby J's adventure, introducing our planet's names in order from the sun while using bright colors to show their individual and unique features.

"Sophie's Ballerina Dream" by J. P. Anthony Williams also beckons with a magical cover of color and light. Sophie embarks on a journey in building belief in one's self and having the courage to reach for heart's dream. From her first experience watching a professional ballet performance, to becoming a prima ballerina herself, Sophie and the beauty and grace of ballet is splashed across one page to the next, brilliant jewel colors backlit with a light that seems to radiate from within the paper itself.

The songs of whales are being recorded and studied from numerous underwater microphones placed in our oceans and scientists use these recordings to glean a better understanding of the nature and community of whales. Their songs become footprints in the ocean as they speak to each other while traveling great distances during their annual journeys. Lynne Kelly deals with whales, the intricacies of radio repair and frequencies, and deafness in her book "Song For A Whale." Also starting with a fetching and inviting book cover, the reader is at once captured by the isolation that young Iris feels as a deaf student in a school of her hearing peers. Then she embraces the problems of a whale whose song is not understood by his own species.

Using her knowledge of frequencies and vibration from her experience with radio repair, Iris is determined to show the whale that he is not alone. She creates him a song that she hopes to be a breakthrough for communication, leading to greater companionship and protection with his fellow whales. Of course, in the process of failure and success, Iris learns much about herself as well. From a girl who is lost in the crowd, she grows from her own impulsive actions and utilizes an inner strength and persistence in searching for new and powerful solutions to problems. She never gives up.

What do these three books have in common? Beautiful expressive artwork for one. All using new technology and computer generated artwork, they catch the attention of readers and invite them in. All three offer messages of hope, inner determination and self growth. Most importantly to the readers is the message of believing in one's self, whether as a ballerina, an astronaut or achieving success as a tinker who uses whatever materials at hand to create solutions for self and others in need.

Being young, in middle years or older, it is never a waste to be reminded that our lives are determined not by the challenges we face, but by how we choose to work through them. Possibilities are endless when one looks through the many windows life offers, and then, making the conscious decision to boldly live the ongoing story of our lives.

Good Books.

Good reading.

*Midge Lyn'dee is a fictional character used for the purpose of entertainment though the reviews are real and sincere.