Tehachapi blood drive results

City of Tehachapi


June 10, 2023


Key Budge donates blood.

The Tehachapi community continues to give. On May 24, 84 people offered to donate blood products at the blood drive. From that number, 67 successful whole blood donations were received, six additional units of blood platelets and seven units of plasma. This drive also had eight first-time donors.

"Houchin Community Blood Bank, Tehachapi Vineyard Church, Tehachapi Valley Healthcare District and the City of Tehachapi collaborate every two months to coordinate these life-saving blood drives for our community. The thought that each unit of blood could impact up to three lives is powerful, knowing that 67 units of whole blood, plasma and platelets could potentially help 215 people in Kern County is why we all work together on these projects. In addition, the platelets and plasma collected are used for cancer and burn patients," said Key Budge, event coordinator.

Tehachapi's year-to-date donation at our mobile blood drive totals are 171 units of blood, 19 units of platelets and 15 units of plasma.

The next Tehachapi Blood Drive will be Wednesday, July 26, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., at Tehachapi Vineyard Church, 502 E. Pinon St. Visit http://www.HCBB.com to register.


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