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Landscaping brightens Green Street

The little house to the south of Tehachapi Community Church, on the corner of Green and E streets and built in 1938, was the first parsonage for the church. However, a parsonage has not been provided for many years because pastors prefer homes of their own choosing. TCC still owns the little house, which is now a rental house.

The congregation takes pride in its property and recently church members volunteered to beautify the front yard. Chris Rush, leader of the environmental team, led the effort to develop the new look with native plants and rocks. Passers-by have commented on the beautiful poppies and other plants which surround the little house.

The church next door was built in 1927. A loan of $4,100 made it possible since the great depression was underway. The sanctuary was dedicated in April 1928 and the cornerstone records this. Tehachapi Community Church is the oldest protestant church in town.