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There's a new little library in town

For those who love to read, each book holds possibilities. You may find an adventure or a story that is so interesting that it takes you to faraway places.

Tehachapi Community Church is so fortunate to have a beautiful new "book barn," built by Wayne and Debra Bromiley and installed in the church parking lot. Most of the space in the little barn is taken up with children's books because what is more fun than introducing a love of books to a child?

Wayne's daughter, Sarah Bromiley, works for Farmworkers Institute of Education and Leadership Development (FIELD). Field is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded and established in 1978 by Farmworker Leader Cesar E Chavez. Cesar's ultimate vision, was to inspire farm workers and the rural workforce to gain self-sufficiency through employee-owned social enterprises. One of the ways that FIELD does this work is to support adults in gaining skills necessary to become childcare professionals.

Stop by the church parking lot at 100 E. E St., and check out the Helena Chavez Book Barn. You are welcome to borrow a book. Who knows what adventure awaits?