Reaching goals through Hypnotherapy


May 27, 2023

Rosemary Powell, CMS, CHT, FNLP.

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I love doing this work, my client's success in reaching their goals makes me so happy. With my tools of Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Compassion Key, my clients improve very rapidly, often in three to six sessions.

From a client with insomnia

I went to Rosemary for my insomnia which I've had for many years. Her sessions were amazing, and I would HIGHLY recommend her. We did our hypnotherapy sessions through Zoom, but I felt like I was right there in her office. Please don't be afraid to ask for help with anything that bothers you. She truly is a wonderful and caring person.

From a woman with irritable bowel syndrome, childhood trauma and relationship issues

Rosemary is compassionate and understanding. She has a great deal of knowledge and provides excellent solutions to the areas that I can improve on in my life and well-being. I am extremely grateful for the time we spent together.

Thank you so much for your guidance!

From a client with terminal cancer

I searched for Rosemary because I am terminally ill with cancer, and I was full of fear. Hypnotherapy put me at ease, and I felt an immediate connection of serenity and peace to accept the beauty of her hypnosis.

I recommend everyone to see her, even if there are no serious issues, just to relax and breathe in the calmness she creates.

From a client with anxiety around COVID

I just had a session with Rosemary. She was amazing and very patient. She guided me through my challenge to a place of relaxation and a fresh perspective in my life.

Thank you!

From a client with anxiety, worry, and a very busy mind

Rosemary Powell is the real deal! Not only is she skillful in hypnotherapy techniques, but she is also genuinely caring and compassionate.

I highly recommend her.

From a client with fear issues

Rosemary is an amazing hypnotherapist. She is compassionate, caring and creates a space to feel safe, heard and empowered. I had a wonderful session.

I recommend her to anyone who is looking to break free and live a happier, more joyful life.

From a woman with childhood trauma

I am grateful for the opportunity to delve into repressed memories with Rosemary's gentle guidance. She has a demeanor that is calm and reassuring.

Joyful Life Hypnotherapy is moving to a new location soon: 116 S. Robinson St., same street, a few doors down. This new location will offer fellow practitioners classes and workshops. Watch for grand opening announcements!

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