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Kern Honey: a recipe to beat those allergies

Spring might have come late for the Tehachapi Valley but that hasn't lessened the impact of allergy season. Folks prone to allergies are suffering and looking for non-pharma relief. Local honey has long been touted as an antidote to itchy eyes and runny noses and can be found at the Healthy Hippie Trading Co. in Old Town, Tehachapi.

"Traditional medicine and doctors tend to poo-poo honey as a treatment for allergies stating that studies do not show positive results. Thankfully, I am not an allergy sufferer so I can't add any personal testimony but the hundreds of customers who buy Kern honey from me can't be all wrong. Over and over they tell me of the relief they get by adding honey to their diet, either on a spoon or in their tea or cereal," Hippie owner, Sarah Rose said.

The Hippie is the only supplier of Kern honey in Tehachapi. Kern Honey's Allergy Blend is raw, pure and unfiltered. Allergy Guard is a tasty blend of local honeys that can include pollen from oranges, sage, wildflowers, alfalfa, buckwheat, cotton, almonds and more. Each batch looks and tastes different, offering a large spectrum of exposure to nectar and trace pollens when collected throughout the year. Recently there were allegations that Kern Allergy guard blend added outsourced honey to the jar. Kern Honey company owner, Andrew Bransby, refuted this accusation stating that he has been working with the beekeepers for 20 years.

"They have 12,000 hives all through this valley (San Joaquin) and mountains," he said. "They don't buy honey from other sources then mix it with their own. They couldn't afford to do that. I buy only their honey and I don't buy crap honey and mix it in. Never even had the thought to do something like that."

Mixing local honey into a smoothie is a tasty way to combat allergy symptoms. Sarah plans to serve an allergy busting smoothie once the café is up and running. Since the café won't be running this allergy season, Sarah has generously shared her recipe so folks at home can make it themselves:

Allergy Buster Smoothie

• 1 organic apple (preferably locally grown).

• 1/2 cup of fresh or frozen pineapple (not canned).

• 1" piece of organic ginger (unpeeled).

• 1 tbsp of Kern Allergy Guard honey.

• 1/2 cup of coconut water.

• 1 cup of ice.

Blend together in a high-powered blender until you have achieved desired thickness.


Pure, raw and unfiltered Kern Honey comes in two sizes and is available six days a week at Healthy Hippie Trading Co., located at 20418 Brian Way, Tehachapi.

These statements have not been verified and are the opinion of the store owner. They are not to be construed as medical advice.