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Environmental projects brought to Planning Commission

Planning Commission Update

Two projects brought before the Tehachapi Planning Commission at their May 8 meeting were closely related to items discussed at the May 1 City Council Meeting.

Waste Management received approval from Planning to build a Compressed Natural Gas Station on their property, located at 416 N. Dennison Rd. which is located at Dennison Rd. and Highway 58. The CNG system would be used for fueling the company's new natural-gas powered trucks.

The project would convert existing trash hauling equipment parking from static parking to fueling parking so that the trucks may fuel when they are not in service. There was no architecture involved to be approved and a variance was granted for landscaping. There will be trees planted only along the edge of Highway 58. No public use is planned for the facility.

A 3/4 acre parcel located on Monolith St. across from Love's Truck Stop was approved by planning for a Tesla Supercharger Fueling Station. The .75 acre property will consist of 40 units, a solar canopy and electrical equipment, and will be located between the two truck entrances on Monolith. No structures will be involved and landscaping will be located along the street edge. The site will not be manned and Tesla is currently working with Edison. Brittany Bernas from Tesla said that for now only Tesla vehicles can charge there and that it takes about 25 minutes for an 80% charge.

The Planning Commission approved the application but Commissioner Kim Nixon did voice some concerns about people crossing the street in the wind with children, leading to the recommendation of crossing stripes. The city does not receive any revenue from this project.

Both projects will move on to City Council for final approval.

The Tehachapi Planning Commission meets on the second Monday of the month at 6 p.m. at the Tehachapi Police Department Community Room located at 220 W. C St.