Local author publishes her first book


April 29, 2023


Michelle Story, Tehachapi resident, proudly holds her first published book Baby J and The Solar System.

Local author, Michelle Story has become one of Tehachapi's latest published authors.

"This is my first book," Michelle Story excitedly admits. But she does not plan on this being her last.

"I have plans of writing and publishing many more books that will help more than just my own kids. The boy pictured in this book is my son. My daughter will also be featured in my next book," Story said.

Story was inspired to write this and a few other books – which are waiting for editing and the artwork to be finished – by her love for helping children learn.

"I think children are capable of learning from a very young age, earlier than most schools get a chance to present it to them, so I will be helping out by writing and authoring more books," Story said.

Michelle has written a book full of stimulating vibrant colors, good drawings and age-appropriate words to help foster a children's love for learning.

She has designed this book to be a great read for children ages 0-5 and to help children transition to the read-along and read-by-myself times.

"This book is designed to be a great base for learning about the world and space around us," Michelle shared.

"I love that I can work on projects that include my kids!" Michelle said. "And I am looking forward to not only my next book but helping children be inspired to learn and read."

Michelle was inspired to self-publish her children's book and it is available on Amazon.

"Self-publishing has been an exciting part of this process."


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