By Diana Frieling
contributing writer 

Four legged surprises

Windswept Ranch


April 29, 2023


Mornings at the ranch are really busy and filled with surprises. Some of them have four legs.

This year we have been blessed with a beautiful, chocolate baby camel born under a rainbow! We named him Finnian. Apparently we love him more than his momma, because she rejected him and we are raising him on a bottle. He loves people and would love to see you any Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., now through the end of October.

We were stunned to have a really special baby reindeer born on Easter Sunday. We call him Vic (short for Victory). He is growing fast and for the first few weeks we were lucky to get a glimpse of him but now he is growing and curious and comes to the fence occasionally to visit.

Our lambs are growing and will be ready for new homes any day. There is nothing cuter than a baby lamb. There are three of them, each with a unique personality.

And it is not over yet. We still have another baby camel on the way and hopefully a few more reindeer babies. May be it will happen while you are visiting.

And remember, there is always something special at the ranch. The last Saturday of every month is camel rides. Second Saturday is always something special: May will feature an art day at Windswept. We will be selling sketch pads and colored pencils and some of our volunteers will be teaching children (and maybe you) how to draw some of our critters. We will be doing Christmas in July so watch for details on how you can book your Christmas photos with our reindeer. Be sure to get those ugly sweaters ahead of time. We are still in the planning phases for the rest of our "Second Saturdays" but for sure will do another pet adoption day. Last year rescues in attendance managed to place 14 animals. This year we hope to do more.

The day before Mothers' Day would be a great time to visit and see how similar mothers are, no matter what species. Our mothers are protective of their little ones just like you. They are constantly teaching and correcting and of course, loving.


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