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New leadership at Scaled Composites

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From a press release posted on March 30 on Scaled Composites website, "Scaled Composites is pleased to announce that Greg Morris has been named new Company President and Jennifer Santiago named as Executive Vice President/General Manager, effective April 1, 2023."

"Greg Morris brings a fresh perspective into Scaled Composites while understanding what makes the company unique; working with Jennifer Santiago, he'll lead Scaled in continuing to bring innovative, challenging, and creative projects to life for many more years." Says Cory Bird, Morris' predecessor.

Before his retirement, Bird had been with Scaled Composites for nearly four decades. He started with the company in 1985 as a fabricator. He became president of the company in 2019, after holding multiple positions, including project engineer, program manager, Stratolaunch chief engineer, vice president/general manager and executive vice president/chief technical officer.

Over the course of his career, Bird held cumulative roles of responsibility directly supporting design, development and execution of over 45 prototype vehicles including milestone aircraft like SpaceShipOne, WhiteKnightOne, GlobalFlyer and the Stars and Stripes sail.

"I've enjoyed my time at Scaled Composites: working with Burt Rutan for 25 years, how the company has supported growth within, and learning the entire time. I'm grateful for the opportunity I've had to lead the company as President for the past four years," says Bird. "I'm looking forward to relaxing in retirement; traveling and reconnecting with family and friends."

The Scaled Composites press release listed the new leadership credentials and education background of the new President and Executive Vice President.

President, Greg Morris

"Greg Morris joins Scaled from Gauntlet Aerospace where he has been President & Chief Test Pilot since 2006. His experience at Gauntlet Aerospace contains seven years' operating a flight school and ten years of flight test operations, including teaching in the Qualitative Evaluation Program, including night vision goggle instruction, for the United States Air Force Test Pilot School and target & chase support for the 412th Test Wing. Morris is a member of the Society of Experimental Test Pilots and serves on the SETP Membership Committee.

"As a nationally designated FAA Experimental Examiner, Morris has conducted check-rides for a variety of aircraft including Alpha Jet, L-39, L-29, Scaled Composites Proteus, and Scaled Composites Model 401 Sierra. Morris has previously collaborated with Scaled Composites – in addition to acting as Examiner for Proteus and Model 401 check-rides, he has also flown as additional crew for Proteus missions and chase for Model 401 missions.

"Morris received a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Southern California and a Masters of Science in Flight Test Engineering from National Test Pilot School."

"Scaled's more than 40-year history of innovation and inspiration in aerospace is unparalleled, and I am honored to join the company as we go into the next 40 years," says Morris, "I'm fortunate to join Scaled at an incredibly exciting time, with new aircraft projects already in the pipeline and more fascinating projects on the horizon."

Executive Vice President/General Manager, Jennifer Santiago

"Jennifer Santiago first joined Scaled in 2014 as a Program Business Analyst on the Stratolaunch program. Since then, Santiago has taken on roles of increasing responsibility, including leading the Program Business Management team.

"She has significant experience in portfolio management, and has been the primary interface for many of Scaled's important customers. Previous supported programs include the Proteus, Model 401, Stratolaunch, and numerous proprietary efforts.

"She has a wide range of knowledge in Scaled's business operations, program execution, flight testing, and contracting processes.

"Santiago holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of La Verne."

"I am honored and humbled to help lead Scaled. Burt's legacy is being carried on by the tremendous talent we have here today. Scaled is truly unique, and stands alone in its approach and execution of milestone programs," says Santiago.

About Scaled Composites

"Scaled Composites is a specialty aerospace and composites development company offering design, build, and test capabilities. Founded by Burt Rutan in 1982 and located in Mojave, California, Scaled has averaged one first flight of a unique, new airplane per year including Proteus, GlobalFlyer, SpaceShipOne, Model 401, and Stratolaunch.

Our employees come from a diverse background of talents, experience, and interests. This unique combination of individuals helps promote an innovative and creative atmosphere. Scaled offers the opportunity to pursue career and personal interests in a manner that can be found nowhere else by following one simple rule: have fun.

Scaled Composites is a wholly owned subsidiary of Northrop Grumman Corporation."