Carol Westover

Celebration of Life


April 15, 2023

Nick Smirnoff (NPPA).

Carol Westover was very active with the Friends of the Depot (FOTD) and will be fondly missed by all who knew her.

Carol and her husband Robert moved last year to be closer to family and soon after the move she passed.

We will truly miss her smiling face and ever-giving generosity of our dear friend and Friends of the Depot (FOTD) member. The news of her passing on February 9 of this year was a shock to us all.

Carol and her husband Robert have been solid supporters of FOTD activities since becoming members in July 2006. Robert and Carol were preparing to relocate to be closer to relatives, so they were preparing us to no longer have their support, but this news was not what any of us expected to hear.

Robert was active in the Tuesday crew and docenting until an illness caused him to step back from these duties. Carol was supporting the depot in many ways. She was always creating handmade items for resale in the FOTD gift shop and for years was the major coordinator of the bake good sales supporting the FOTD's Photo with Santa event. She was ever thoughtful to solicit new members for the FOTD and to ensure that others were aware of what was involved in making that year's Santa event a success. Many may recall Robert's Garden Scale backyard layout that overlooked the Cable crossing area from their home on Moon Drive. We all have fond memories of both Carol and Robert and our thoughts and prayers go out to their friends and families.

Republished with permission from the FOTD On Track March 2023 newsletter.


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