Urgent: last ten days before Net 2.0 Metering for solar is gone


April 1, 2023

For all residents in California, Net 2.0 Solar will be ending to be replaced with Net 3.0 Metering, which will take over starting April 14, 2023.

The important difference between the two systems is Net 2.0 allows you to earn 100% of all power produced by your solar panels, which you get full credit for, through SCE. After April 14, Net 3.0 Metering will only allow you to earn 25% of what you are producing.

If you are serious about installing solar panels on your home, the time is now. If you sign up in the next ten days, our goal is to get you grandfathered in under Net 2.0 Metering so that you will earn 100% of what you produce. Financing is available for all customers, as low as 3.99%.

Now is your opportunity to get rid of your high electric bill – no more peak hours, with solar panels that YOU own.

Scan the QR code in our ad (on page 3) to receive your custom report or go to: http://www.getsolartoday.energy – scroll down to click on the three easy steps that will explain the process, and just how easy we make it for you and your family to save money. Call Darren Sauro at (661) 221-8214 for more information and for your FREE custom report.


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