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By Adam Schlosser
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The truth about GPA


April 1, 2023


Adam Schlosser.

GPA is also known as grade point average. If you look at your report card, it has GPA and a number after it. So how is GPA calculated? Every grade is assigned a grade point number. In general, an A is worth 4, a B is worth 3, a C is worth 2 and a D is worth 1. Then you add them together and take the average. Mr. Karnes, our vice principal, says that is the standard way of calculating GPA in High School. An interesting fact is total GPA includes every single class you take in High School. Academic GPA does not include PE.

GPA matters especially if you plan to further your education and go onto college. One of the main things colleges have you provide is a transcript with all your high school grades including your GPA. According to Mr. Karnes there is a possibility that with a higher GPA one could have a better chance of being accepted into college because it would demonstrate good work habits.

According to Studies Portal Masters, maintaining a good GPA can help you in things other than school like: Applying for a scholarship, Joining an organization or a club, Doing any extra-curricular activities, Applying for a graduate or postgraduate program.

However, it is not enough to have a good GPA and good grades. A student should want to learn the material that is being taught.

Adam Schlosser is a Sophomore at Valley Oaks Charter School

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