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John the Plumber: keeping you in hot water

The pandemic of 2020 impacted all of us in a myriad of ways including the supply chain of goods and replacement parts. Everything from glass and can shortages to computer chips to baby formula have been impacted. The workforce supply has been affected, as well, leaving many companies short-handed.

These shortages and delivery delays have been experienced by local service providers leading to extreme frustration on the part of customers. John Nelson, owner of John the Plumber, is no stranger to this aggravation especially when it comes to water heaters. "It's not a fun day in the plumbing world when you have to tell a customer that their water heater needs a part that is on back order or will take 6 days to ship. Rush delivery seems to be a thing of the past." Tankless water heaters are especially vulnerable to this dilemma. "There is simply no place local, and that includes Bakersfield or the AV, where you can just walk in and purchase the needed part," he says.

After a recent experience with the delivery of a brand new yet defective water heater, John knew he had to come up with a work-around for his customers.

"The new unit was defective. Of course, I immediately ordered a replacement unit but was told that it would be over a week before it arrived. This meant my customer was going to be without hot water for over a week, which is simply not acceptable," he explains.

That's when he made the decision to invest in a 19 gallon electric unit that can be plugged into a standard 110 volt outlet. "With a little bit of work, we can temporarily install this plug in unit to most homes providing the resident with enough hot water to shower. Hopefully, we don't have more than one customer at a time who will require this work-around as we only have one temporary unit at this time," he says. "Whatever the situation may be, we are committed to finding a solution for our customers. Times are tough enough. We don't need to add cold showers to the mix!"

John the Plumber is here for all your plumbing needs which include anything to do with water, waste and gas. They service all of the Tehachapi Valley, Hart Flat, Twin Oaks, and the high desert cities of Cal City, Boron, Mojave and Rosamond. Give them a call at (661) 823-8031 or (760) 373-7050 when you have a plumbing need.