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By Scott Ware
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We already use artificial intelligence on each other

Livin' the Dream


March 18, 2023

Scott Ware.

I'm less concerned with students cheating with the new AI programs and more concerned with how we've been cheating ourselves with too much human artificial intelligence for years.

Some examples of artificiality:

• Lying to spare someone's ego.

• Pleasing someone at the expense of myself.

• Neglecting to express how much my loved ones mean to me.

• Unconsciously(?) putting myself down and not acknowledging my amazing contributions to others.

• Not listening enough to my own pain and not searching for tools to heal myself.

All of these artificial responses are, of course, the opposite of what a sovereign being would do. Am I the captain of my ship or not?

In fact, neglecting one's self-care is the "survival instinct" in reverse, so why do we do it?

To keep our illusion that:

• It's better to lie than experience a confrontation that could make us fear for our safety.

• The "disease-to-please" is actually an acute trauma response for that.

• My loved ones "just know" how I feel about them, so I never need to say it out loud.

• Unconsciously(?) not believing I have as much value as others is okay because I'm "accepted" for how well I serve society.

• I don't think my feelings matter much to my health or my thoughts in creating my life and my destiny.

This is where we get to "do the work" (to free us) and there's so much good stuff here: Why are some confrontations unsettling? Let's explore that in meditation. Am I really pleasing others at my own expense from a childhood wound? Definitely time to explore. Why don't I tell people I love them very often? Why do I ever think my efforts are not worth other's efforts? And why don't I think I can have a role in healing my emotional and physical maladies?

Once we get a handle on our childhood programs, we can be more authentic and have far more satisfying connections with each other. After all, we came here to experience, explore, enjoy and thrive... no walking on eggshells around our own ego thinking we're pleasing other people, for instance.

"The longest journey in your life is from your head to your heart." – Lissa Rankin.

So, why would we ever accept all the artificial moments that we create, arguing about this or that instead of dropping our ego a few levels to accept the love and appreciation from others? I'd rather celebrate you than try to win some argument, and you and I are both the beneficiaries of that.


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