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By Analise Nemecek
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Giving from the heart


February 18, 2023


Valentine's Day just passed, but there is so much love in the air. Did you give out Valentines? You still can! You can give to your friends, a loved one, family members, or even a stranger. Giving is so special, especially when it comes from the heart. And they don't just have to happen on Valentine's Day.

Homemade gifts are the obvious option. You can make cards, photo collages, food and other things. The things you need to make the gifts could be found at a dollar store or easily in your home. You can customize it this way and make it perfect for the person you are gifting it to. Baking is always a great option and it's always loved, just be careful of allergies and this could be a great way to put a smile on someone's face. This idea adds heart and originality to a gift that someone could truly love.

Another thing you could do is arrange events with the person as a gift. Take them to lunch, coffee, to get a manicure, baseball game, movies, ect. Just quality time with people you care about is a great gift alone. A way to make gifts personal is remembering the things they like. You could make a list of things they ask for. If you go out shopping and they say they like something, write a note to yourself and come back to it later. If you know what kind of music they like, consider getting them vinyl or CDs. You could go thrifting and find items that remind you of them, or even remind you of a memory with them. Things like this are always so important. They will be thankful you remembered and this gift will be a great one.

I hope this inspires you. Remember that your friends, family or even a stranger could be your Valentine any day of the year.

Love is all around and you can show anyone you care with a simple note or flower.


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