The time to get solar is now!


February 4, 2023

Be prepared for your electric bill to rise. Starting in April, net 3 metering will begin. Don’t wait – you might just regret not getting net 2 metering now.

As your electric bill continues to rise, we can get you a new roof (if needed) and solar panels for the same monthly price. The time is now for a new roof and solar for $0 down at 3.49%.

That’s right, no more high electric bills, no more peak hours and a new 30-50 year roof – plus solar panels that you own. If your roof doesn’t need replacement, your solar panels will be half the cost of your electric bill. Scan the QR code in our ad on this page to get your custom report, or go to our website: and scroll down to click on these three easy steps. That will explain the process, and just how easy we make it for you and your family to save money. Call Darren Sauro at (661) 221-8214 for more information and for your FREE custom report.


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