Stallions Springs Community Center expands classes


February 4, 2023


Weekly Writing Planner by Kathleen Kline.

The Stallions Springs Community Center (SSCC) is proud to offer a chance for locals to expand their interests.

"We are lucky to be able to offer our community members classes in many things, and we are excited to be able to offer things for more than just the kids in our community. We are now about to offer a set of writing classes by an author, writing coach, editor and publisher with over three decades of experience," Nicole LLere, Stallion Springs Parks and Recreations Coordinator said. "And I am happy Kathleen Kline said she would be willing to teach for us, for her community members."

There are many people who have been told: "That would make a great book, you should write it." But they don't know where to start or where to go with what they've already started, according to Kline.

"Or they have a slice of family history they want to leave behind, or a story of survival, but don't know where to start or go with the thread of the story they have in their heart, mind or soul, then this might just be the jump start their creativity could use. Even if it's 'just' to write short stories," Kline said with an uplifting smile.

SSCC will be offering their community members the opportunity to gain the skills, get the guidance and encouragement from a professional with decades of experience, LLere added.

"Whether you know how to write, desire to write, know another community member who could use encouragement to get the words from their mind, souls and heart onto the page ... well this set of classes is for you (and them)!" Kline encouraged. "After all, none of our pennings need to be perfect. We just need to get them out on the page."


Kathleen Kline.

The nine classes will be held Sunday afternoons from 2 to 3 p.m. on Feb. 5 and 19, Mar. 12 and 19, May 21, June 4 and 25 at the Stallion Springs Library, located at 20030 Pellisier Rd. in Cummings Valley.

"The first class, on Feb. 5, or later if you can't make it that day, will come with Kathleen's recently published Weekly Writing Planner and the teaching session for $35. Then the rest of the sessions will be $13 each, thereafter," LLere informed.

Aspiring writers can pay for the sessions at the door each week, at the library.

If there are any questions Tehachapians can call the Stallion Springs Office at (661) 823-7883 or Kathleen Kline at (661) 972-9102.


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