By Phyllis Belcher
contributing writer 

Church makes healthy changes in the new year


January 21, 2023

Tehachapi Community Church, on the corner of E and Green Streets, is helping those who made New Year resolutions about healthy food choices find success. The Church wants members to be successful, and this may be a first step.

Many churches have time to come together after their worship services. This time can have many names, such as Coffee Hour, Friendship Time, Community, and Connections. It can be a wonderful time to speak with others who share the same faith. It extends the service when you find others who want to discuss the pastor's sermon. It can also, unfortunately, lead to consuming calories that you had no intention of eating when you came to service Sunday morning.

Tehachapi Community Church's long standing, "coffee hour" in our Friendship Hall has benefitted from great bakers over the years. We have enjoyed brownies, cookies, lemon squares, cupcakes, blueberry crumble and more. When there are many such offerings, you may walk away from the welcome table with close to 1,000 calories on your little plate as you sit down with friends (old and new) to enjoy some fellowship. A small group of bakers are taking a different path so healthy alternatives will be made available on Sunday mornings. These aren't "diet foods" but simply a broader array of options.

Visit us and you may find some wonderful choices such as roasted red pepper tapenade, roasted vegetable dip with lots of little vegetables, mini zucchini pizzas and fruit in lots of different forms.

Anyone is invited to come to Tehachapi Community Church, 100 East E St., at 10:30 a.m., Sunday mornings for services and stay for some fellowship and great treats!


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