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Sierra Nevada Natural History, Desert Country and Their Places Shall Known Them No More

Tehachapi Bookshelf

Sierra Nevada Natural History

By Tracy I. Storer and Robert Usinger

1963 University of California Press

ISBN # 0-520-01226-7

While not specifically about the Tehachapi Mountains, this field guide documents the plants, animals, physical features and much more of the adjacent Sierra Nevada Range, so much of it is applicable to our area. With some photos and line drawings and hundreds of brief descriptions, it is a very useful and well-written guide to the natural world.

Desert Country

By Bob Powers

2002 The Arthur H. Clark Company

ISBN # 0-87062-317-6

This is another of the many historical books the late Bob Powers of Kern Valley wrote about Kern County, and this one sheds light on the history and communities of the Mojave Desert, which comprises about a third of the county's total area. This book is easy reading and both informative and entertaining.

Their Places Shall No Them No More

By Judy Barras (Lee)

1984 Sierra Printers

This slim volume is an account of the author's interaction with Nuwä (Kawaiisu or Southern Paiute) Indian people of the Tehachapi and essays about their history, culture and beliefs. The late author was a former resident of the Tehachapi area and a writer for the Tehachapi News and Bakersfield Californian.