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Happy Holidays! CBD for pets

CBD Dependable Solutions

We understand with the rushing of the holidays, introducing family and friends to your household and re-arranged furniture, your furry companion's anxiety has not gone unnoticed. You should have something in your back pocket that will get your pet to be calm and relaxed throughout the holidays.

CBD for pets will do exactly that. CBD contains anti-anxiety properties that relax and calm your pet. It also reduces the pet's stress levels, making it easier for them to get through everything during the holidays. With CBD, you do not have to hide your pet during the fireworks or while the family is watching Christmas movies on surround sound. CBD is a natural alternative approach; your pet will not experience any harsh side effects that might be harmful to their health. Adding CBD to your pet's daily routine is a sure way for you and your pet to have an enjoyable time during the holidays.

Here at CBD Dependable Solutions, we carry a wide range of pet friendly products like shampoo/conditioners, water boosters, nose/paw salve, flavored tinctures and treats. Pet owners have reported that CBD has helped alleviate pain, seizures, mange, anxiety and more conditions in their pet companions. Some common side effects to CBD use are dry mouth and drowsiness. Dogs may experience these side effects at high doses, so it is important to start at a low dose and gradually move up accordingly.

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