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Hemp, hops and honey at Healthy Hippie Trading Co.

Healthy Hippie Trading Co.

Your favorite hemp drinks, hop water and teas and local honey are available in Tehachapi again!

Healthy Hippie Trading Co. located in Old Town is the only supplier of Kern Honey in Tehachapi. Kern Honey's Allergy Blend is raw, pure and unfiltered. Allergy Guard is a tasty and healthy blend of local area honeys that often includes pollen from orange, sage, weed, wild flower, alfalfa, buckwheat, cotton, almond, and more. Each batch looks and tastes different, offering a larger spectrum of exposure to nectar and trace pollen when taken throughout the year. Kern Honey is available in two sizes, 24 and 48 net ounces, and makes a wonderful gift.

If you're looking for an alcohol-free drink for the holidays or a relaxing beverage for any time, you can't go wrong with hemp or hops.

Healthy Hippie is the only place locally to find Mad Tasty drinks. These hemp-extract products offer a unique mixture of clarity and calm without the high. It all starts with a proprietary Broad-Spectrum Hemp Extract, derived from the whole hemp plant, minus any traces of THC. It's tested at each step in the process to ensure all the good stuff is in (phytocannabinoids, terpenes, potency) and all the yucky stuff is out (microbes, residual solvents, heavy metals, and more). They then take the extract and create a water-soluble solution that makes equal dosing from first sip to last possible and allows for greater absorption in the intestinal tract.

If hops are more your style, Healthy Hippie has four blends of hop teas from Hoplark as well as a sparkling hop water called H2OPS. The hop teas are a unique beverage brewed like beer but without alcohol and zero calories. There are four flavors of tea, each with its own blend of hops and various levels of caffeine. They can be consumed right from the can or poured over ice and blended with accents of your choice for a non-alcoholic cocktail, or "hoptail" if you will. A store favorite that they call the Arnold Hopper is the chamomile tea and citra hop blend poured over ice with the juice of half a lemon and a squirt of liquid Stevia. Stir, sip and enjoy. The H2OPS water appeals to those who don't want any tea flavor and like the feel of a bottle in their hand. H2OPS evokes lemon, pine, and floral flavors, just like a good craft beer, but with no alcohol, no sugar, and no calories. 

All three beverages (hemp, hop teas and hop water) are vegan, gluten free and alcohol free. Head on over to Healthy Hippie and stock up now!

Healthy Hippie is located in the Pinecone Plaza, 20418 Brian Way, Ste. #2, Tehachapi, directly across the street from Valley Oaks Charter School and in the same plaza as Kelley's Chuckwagon Café. You can reach them at (661) 822-9797.