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The best kept secret in Tehachapi

On Nov. 18-20, local train store Gold Coast Station held their 7th annual car and train show. The show was put on by Rachel and Hans Kahl, who are the owners/ operators of the store.

I was blown away by this event.

The Wandering Railroad "G" scale display was there for the first two days. This collection was built and is owned by Matt and Jerry Abreu. I was very impressed with the fantastic detail in the layout.

The first two days of the event was devoted to the "G" scale trains and the railroad displays. Gold Coast Station is wall-to-wall trains, with many hot rod classic cars, as well. These cars are a lifelong love of Hans. It's like being in Jay Leno's garage, but I think way better. I will not disclose how many cars are stored there, but all are in running condition.

I didn't know about this massive train and car collection and I have been in the area for almost 40 years.

The last day of the event was devoted to cars. More than 40 cars were on display, and I feel if Hans advertised it could be a much larger car show. Due to the limited space for parking it was invitation only to keep the number of cars down.

"I want to keep this low key and keep this fun for all," Hans said.

It was a great mix of Mopar and Chevy to Ford and AMC, along with many more. Hans is mostly a Chrysler-Plymouth car collector. I was blown away with his collection.

I have to give a big thank you to Hans and Rachel Kahl for the invitation to see all the cars and "G" scale trains.

Get to know Gold Coast Station

Hans started the train store in 1988 and they have been in the Tehachapi area for over 15 years. Gold Coast Station's specialty in the train world is in the larger "G" scale trains. I really love this scale. It's great for kids and adults to handle. You do need a bit more room for a layout with "G" scale, though.

"G" scale can be operated indoors or outdoors, and there are many outdoor permanent layouts with worldwide interest.

Gold Coast Station has a large selection of current, discontinued and collectable "G" Scale at their Tehachapi location. Over 10,000 square feet of "G" Scale. It's really something to see.

If you are into "G" scale train modeling this is the place to get started. Hans and Rachel have everything you need. Just make an appointment and I bet you can get a fantastic tour of all the hot rod classic cars, too.

Gold Coast Station is located at 426 N Curry St., Tehachapi. For more information visit them online at http://www.Goldcoaststation.net.