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By Mel Makaw
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Charlie Brown Farms in Littlerock

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December 3, 2022

Mel Makaw.

Life-sized Blues Brothers statues are featured at Charlie Brown.

'Tis the season for gift-giving, and if you're in the mood for finding some unique gift ideas, may I suggest Charlie Brown Farms in Littlerock, California? But note: Charlie Brown's is much more than just a gift shop – it's a great little day trip destination.

I was casting about for something to do the other day and out of the blue I realized I haven't been to Charlie Brown's for several years. I looked it up on the internet to make sure it is still there and sure enough, it is. So, off I went.

I was delighted to find that it is the same great and wondrous place that I remember visiting first with my parents over a couple of decades ago.

Charlie Brown Farms opened originally in 1929 as a fruit stand, but today it sits on six acres and still offers fruit and produce, and oh so much more. From the outside it doesn't seem that big but once you get inside you wander from room to room, with several different areas offering a variety of goodies, gifts and some very unique oddities.

It's hard to describe, but the place is jam-packed full of stuff. Note: it is wheelchair accessible but be aware that the aisles are narrow, and the place is also usually packed with people.

In addition to fruits, honey, nuts and seeds, and other produce, Charlie Brown's also offers a plethora of standard and unique candies – like double chocolate banana chips and watermelon coconut fruit slices, to name but a couple – homemade fudges, Ghirardelli chocolate products, and jerkies.

The in-house deli also offers ice cream treats and a full breakfast and lunch menu. I got a chocolate malt – yum! – but I also could have had a meat sandwich (tri-tip, pulled pork or barbecue), a burger (including jalapeno burgers), a fresh salad, fries and onion rings, a kid's meal, a vegan chili or burger, or any one of several deep-fried items. I can't even remember all they offer. By the way, there are few seats inside to sit and enjoy the meal, but most people eat on the go or at the tables outside.

Back in the various rooms are a number of retro pieces, games, military memorabilia, souvenirs, toys, jewelry, candles, stuffed animals, t-shirts, dolls, clocks and wall art, and a lot of garden displays and art, including steppingstones, planters and accessories, and life-sized statuary. I know I'm forgetting to mention some things, there is just so much there!

If you go: Take the 58 East to Mojave and then take the 14 South toward Lancaster and Palmdale. Exit onto the 138 East (which is Palmdale Boulevard, just past the P Street exit). Continue east on 138, which takes you through quite a bit of city driving through Palmdale. At 47th Street East you'll hit a round-about – stay to the right and stay on 138 (which becomes Pearblossom Highway) and go a few more miles to Littlerock.

In Littlerock, Charlie Brown Farms will be on your left at 8317 Pearblossom Highway (just past the light at 82nd Street East). The store is open every day from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.; the phone number is (661) 944-2606.

Mel Makaw.

Charlie Brown Farms in Little Rock is a unique shopping experience.

Note: across the highway from Charlie Brown Farms is another great shopping place featuring antiques, a crafters village and wind toys. I ran out of energy before I could get away from Charlie's, so I'll have another excuse to go back sometime soon to see what all they have to offer across the street.

Meanwhile, I had a ball checking out all the wonders at Charlie Brown Farms, and I think you will, too. I came home with some homemade fudge (delish!) and a bag of homemade milk chocolate peanut clusters (also delish!).

I was on a sugar high with a big smile on my face for days!

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