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Rosemary Powell moved to Tehachapi just in time to attend the local Apple Festival. She and her four rescue dogs moved from Fountain Hills, Arizona, where Rosemary had lived for the last 20 years. Her daughter Jessica Black and her family live in Tehachapi where Jessica homeschools her five children. Rosemary was immediately able to find a house that is about five minutes away from Jessica and she should be moving in very soon.

Next on her list was to find office space. Rosemary is a certified medical support clinical hypnotherapist (CMS-CHT) and a facilitator in neuro-linguistic programming (FNLP) with over 40 years of experience as an RN. She began studying hypnotherapy and NLP while working as an RN to serve her own personal needs. Rosemary said it helped her so much she wanted to share it. For years she has shared the tools of hypnosis primarily with family and friends. Rosemary said that about three years ago she realized it was time to practice hypnosis on a full-time basis. She has since appeared in Psychology Today and was listed with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in Arizona. She currently has over 1,000 hours in hypnotherapy and NLP training.

There are many fields in which hypnotherapy are commonly used today. Rosemary said that her experience includes forensic (working with witnesses to crimes), pediatric (with children age 6 and above) and geriatric (with seniors). She also has experience working with veterans.

Rosemary was born in Tacoma, Washington and received her nursing degree from the University of Washington. She moved to Arizona in 1979 where her four children (two sons and two daughters) were born and raised. She now has 14 grandchildren (nine granddaughters and five grandsons). All but Jessica and her family remain in Arizona. Rosemary received her Master's Degree in Counseling from Northern Arizona University.

One of the first moves Rosemary made as a Tehachapi resident was to join the Chamber of Commerce. Within a week she found office space on Robinson St. across from City Hall. She is already busy making the space her own. So watch for the grand opening of Joyful Life Hypnotherapy, coming soon in downtown Tehachapi. With a new home and office space, Rosemary Powell will really be calling Tehachapi "home."

Welcome, Rosemary!


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