By Phyllis Belcher
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New pastor at community church


October 15, 2022

Photo provided

Newly ordained, Pastor Keslinn Hofeld-Stout receives a stole from her son, Jazz.

Tehachapi Community Congregational Church has a new pastor after the former pastor retired. Keslinn Hohfeld-Stout began her association with the church in October. Just days before she was installed at the Tehachapi Church, she was ordained by the Northern Association of United Church of Christ, the conference to which Community Church belongs.

The ordination was an opportunity to celebrate and give thanks for the spiritual journey which led her to the ministry. On Oct. 1, a crowd of many friends and family gathered to witness the ceremony at First Congregational Church in Bakersfield, where she has been a member for many years.

Rev. Dr. David Stabenfeldt, who had been Keslinn's pastor before he retired, spoke about the great love she had for others and of the long struggle to reach the point of ordination. Keslinn's interest in the ministry started at a young age. While many young girls "played house," she "played church." This was followed by years of education which were interrupted by raising a family, making a living and dealing with the struggles that life brings.

A statement from the Association declared Keslinn officially ordained and ready to begin her journey as a minister. She was presented with the gift of a robe from Bakersfield First Congregational Church (UCC) as well as a stole, which was made by her son, Jazz. This was followed by applause and cheers from the those in attendance.

Tehachapi Community Church, located at 100 E. E St., holds a worship service each Sunday at 10:30 a.m. Their motto is "All are welcome here."

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