October classes at Healthy Hippie Trading Co.

Health Hippie Trading Co.


October 1, 2022

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As promised, Healthy Hippie Trading Company is using the future café space for temporary classes and workshops. The October line up features some of the best healers around.

"I'm excited not just for my customers but for myself as well," said owner, Sarah Rose. "You can bet that I will be attending as many classes as possible!"

One of the first to sign up was Raquel Wilson (Rocky), a certified yoga instructor who is also a preschool teacher at Good Sheperd Preschool. Rocky was a Zumba instructor when she got talked into taking a yoga class by one of her fellow instructors.

"I didn't think I'd like it as I'm all about movement, but to my surprise I loved it," she said.

Rocky believes that we can all benefit from yoga, no matter what our physical health and flexibility state.

"I've never approached yoga as exercise. I see it as a stress reducer and a way to reconnect our mind and body. I keep my classes small so that I can work one on one with my students and make modifications as needed," she said.

QHHT Practitioner, Holy Fire Reiki Master, Intuitive Shamanic Practitioner and Soul Alignment Coach Maria Lomeli will be leading two Quantum Journey Workshops on Oct. 1 and 15. Maria combines her training and intuitive guidance to assist you in releasing old patterns and limiting beliefs. As these are released you experience alignment, a reconnection with your inner power and a deep sense of peace and overall well-being.

Carmina Barba, aka Mina Bliss, is a Priestess with B. Blessed, a healing sanctuary focused on cultivating awareness, nurturing passion and creating a conscious community. As an intuitive healer, Carmina utilizes traditional ancestral and energetic modalities to assist others along in their healing journey. She will be teaching a four part series held every Monday night in October ("Everything is Energy," "The Frequency of Consciousness," "Our Healing Earth," and "Divine Balance,") with a cacao ceremony on Oct. 31.

Glen Larsen is a Certified Biofeedback Technician, Certified Aromatherapist and Applied Kinesiology and Sound Healer. Glen will be visiting us from Palmdale on Friday, Oct. 21 at 6 p.m. leading a class on intuitive healing.

For more information regarding on the classes you can visit the store at 20418 Brain Way and check out the calendar or just give them a call at (661) 822-9797. All class info is also posted on their Facebook page. Class sizes are limited so sign up early!


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