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California Hot Dog Company at VFW

California Hot Dog Company

Trying to start a food business in the beginning of a pandemic when people are forced to either stay at home or socially distance is challenging to say the least, but Steve Schrepfer, owner of California Hot Dog Company thrives on a good challenge.

Almost three years in, he has proven that even a pandemic cannot stop him. If you haven’t experienced the creativity and deliciousness that California Hot Dog offers, you are absolutely missing out. These hot dogs are not your typical dog. They are deliciously juicy, quarter pound all-beef hot dogs that you’re sure to enjoy served plain, but try one of their “Knife and Forkers” with countless gourmet toppings and you’ll be hooked.

The California Dog, Chicago Dog, Blue Buffalo Dog, Hawaiian Dog, Street Dog, BBQ Bacon Dog and Pizza Dog are just a handful of the customer favorites. Specialty and seasonal dogs include the Rainbow Carrot Dog for a no meat option, Sushi Dog, Elote Dog, Greek Dog, Southwestern Dog on a Bolillo Roll and even a Caramel Apple Dog.

However, don’t let the company name fool you, it doesn’t start and end with hot dogs. Steve prides himself on creativity and loves to “think outside the bun” by providing menu items like Chicken or Pork Sliders, Smash Burgers, an amazing Brazilian Beef Sundae and even steak and mouth-watering lamb chops, which are cooked with wines from the local wineries for special events. Recently, California Hot Dogs was praised by customers visiting from the Philadelphia area who insisted that Steve’s Philly Cheesesteak is “the best Philly this side of Philly!”

Out of love and respect for our country, California Hot Dogs has a “Hot Dogs for Heroes” program with proceeds donated back to local veterans and first responders. They have also received much appreciation for their “Karma Dog” program which allows them to give out free menu items when there is a need. It was conceived one day when Steve was serving hot dogs at a local brewery. When he noticed that a few young children were beginning to disturb nearby customers, Steve offered the parents free hot dogs to feed and entertain the children. They reluctantly accepted the offer, the children were entertained and the other customers were able to relax and enjoy their beer. The parents insisted on paying before leaving, thanking Steve profusely for his thoughtfulness. To his surprise, the other customers also offered an extra tip on their way out, commenting on his generosity. The “Karma Dog” program was born. The money that was received for those free Karma Dogs was set aside and has since been paid forward countless times to customers needing something to smile about, or even to help those who couldn’t afford a bite to eat. No money is ever requested for a Karma Dog (but any that is received is added to the Karma Dog fund), and all that is asked is that the recipient of the Karma Dog pay it forward with kindness and a smile to someone else who may need it.

After many requests, in October 2022 California Hot Dogs will be increasing business days from two to four days per week. They will be located at the VFW Post 5948 at 221 W. Tehachapi Blvd. with food service open to the public on Wednesday and Thursday for lunch and dinner and on Fridays for dinner until late evening. Most Saturdays they will be at one of the Tehachapi wineries (unless previously booked for a private event.)

To inquire about booking special events (parties, weddings, school and sporting events, fundraisers, Chef/Cook for Hire, etc.) reach out through Facebook Messenger on the California Hot Dog Company page, or via text at (661) 900-3399.