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Locals share what's so special about Tehachapi

Livin’ the Dream

Chances are, you live in Tehachapi because you love it. You find it special somehow. Can you describe it?

Let's see how some of your neighbors feel about Tehachapi:

"Tehachapi has a quaint feeling that's endearing. Just the way the train station sits next to the bakery, across from the (Depot) museum. The lit-up Christmas tree and Christmas songs playing while you're walking down the street – so beautiful! The summer barbecues that raise money for the VFW. These things signify to me a small town with people in love with each other, who take care of each other. That coupled with the scenery, the mountains, the views...I feel a sense of comfort, of being safe in Tehachapi. It has a small-town mentality in the best sense; there's a cordialness that's authentic and genuine."

– Carrie Bond

"What I like the most about Tehachapi is it's not the city (like L.A.). People seem to wave at each other. People are very friendly. When I first came here about 15 years ago, people were leaving their windows rolled down in the parking lots – it was amazing, how can you do that? It's not busy, it's nice and quiet, you can actually hear yourself think. We sleep better here and feel more refreshed."

– Enrique Lopez

"It's the natural aspects. The terrain changes in unexpected ways – from city to desert, to mountain town and agriculture, then back to city again. It's like a 'Best of California' edition. My family came here because of the nature."

– Josh Crisalli

"I don't think I've ever lived anywhere so special. It's got the best sense of community – I've never gone to the grocery store where someone hasn't stopped to say, 'Hi!' It never happens in L.A., come on! People smile at you, which is kind of nice. People are really friendly here. All the way up to our City Manager. It's very special."

– Pat Doody

Will you share with us what you find special about Tehachapi? Kindly email it to [email protected] and it may be printed in an upcoming issue.