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Meet the Tehachapi Dog Fanciers

Way back in 1995, Barbara Allen and others decided that Tehachapi needed its own kennel club, and thus, Tehachapi Dog Fanciers was born. It was never meant for fancy breeds only, but intended to encompass all dogs – anything from Labradoodles to mutts.

Revenue was hard to come by, so Barbara Allen started obedience classes for a small sum. Many dogs need to learn socialization and limits. Teri Kahn and her husband had a Dalmatian who was a holy terror, so she decided that the dog needed some control. That was when she met Barbara Allen, who helped her teach Jack, the Dalmation, to sit, stay and obey all commands.

Teri and her husband moved to Tehachapi in 1994 from Vandenberg Air Force base where he was a firefighter. Here in Kern County, he became Fire Chief of the Kern County Fire Department. We know a firefighter isn’t a firefighter without a Dalmation. Nowadays, Teri has a preference for Otter Hounds.

Teri used to work at a veterinary hospital. She has a good background in dog handling, and she decided she wanted to start showing her dog in dog shows. Folks who participate in dog shows do prefer to handle their own pet in the show. Barbara Allen offered classes on showing one’s pet. Most from here show their dogs in the Bakersfield Dog show which takes place around Easter. If they want to go big time, they enter the Westminster Show on the East Coast.

In 2001, Tehachapi Dog Fanciers took over the Pet Parade. It is funded by a raffle and kids bring pets of all descriptions to the show. The gamut goes from Clydesdale horses, to dogs (of course), and even a lobster was entered one year. The kids can earn a ribbon based on the length of a pet’s legs, ranging from shortest to longest. This year, they held a preliminary Pet Show a week before the Mountain Festival, and then participated in the big parade.

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