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What's Up in Bear Valley Springs?

The main issue occupying the minds of our valley these days, aside from bear break-ins, is the issue of a raised tax to fund the police department and the gate.

On Thursday, July 14, an overflow crowd turned up for the deciding CSD meeting on whether to put the proposed tax on the ballot for November. A few members of the community rose to send pleas to the Board to do what we can to protect our police protection and to fund our gate. Most of the community has come to the realization that the can has been kicked down the road long enough.

The last increase happened in 1996, with no increase since then. We know we need to face the increase and embrace the concept. Thankfully, three of the four board members, along with our general manager, also recognize the necessity. After a prolonged meeting and a sharing of the results of the online survey, conducted by Meghan Clark, it clearly showed that the community is largely in favor.

The resolutions were approved three to one by the Board to put on the fully funded $500 Police Tax and the fully funded gate tax on the ballot in November. Now it is up to us, the community, to embrace this, to vote positively on it and to realize that we are talking about only $1 and change, a day. Are these not important enough to vote positively? Keep in mind that the Sheriff department is understaffed and covering a huge area. They won’t always be able to respond immediately to a problem here in the valley.

So, folks, get out and vote! Help us keep our police, our gate and to upgrade our infrastructure!

Bear Valley Springs is a private gated community in which the residents pay an annual association amenities fee. To visit, a non-member or non-resident must arrange with a friend or family member in the community for a guest pass that would permit them to engage in the activities. Guest passes will be checked.