By Caroline Wasielewski
CEO, contributing writer 

Tehachapi Valley Healthcare District


July 9, 2022

On November 1, 2016, Tehachapi Valley Healthcare District officially handed over the keys to the Tehachapi Hospital and the operation of three Community Care Clinics to Adventist Health in a 30-year lease. While the Healthcare District still owns the hospital building, all administration, facility management and care are delivered by our compassionate partners, Adventist Health.

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Over the past year, our staff, with the guidance of the Board of Directors have been focused on becoming involved in the community from an education and wellness standpoint now that the hospital is being successfully and passionately operated by Adventist Health. We are now partnering with the City of Tehachapi, TVRPD and Houchin Blood Bank to conduct Community Blood Drives and will be participating in the Tehachapi National Night Out on Tuesday, August 2, 2022.

The mission of Tehachapi Valley Healthcare District is “to promote and improve the quality of life and healthcare services to our community.” Part of our strategic planning process is to gather data from our community residents and determine the ways we can best fulfill our mission. To accomplish this, our Community Outreach Committee created a Community Health Needs Assessment that is available on our website We invite all residents to go to the website and complete the online survey. Participants will be asked for some basic demographic information and then we ask the community to tell us how we can help you. Copies of the survey are being mailed out to our local primary care providers, as we want to hear from them, as well. Your input will guide the district in developing and implementing strategies and programs to be used for all of Tehachapi.

The Tehachapi Valley Healthcare District looks forward to hearing from you. Our vision is to aide the residents of our community in staying healthy, educated and safe.

Thank you in advance for participating in our survey,


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