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City of Tehachapi

Season 3, Episode 46 –

Clare Scotti from Discover Tehachapi stops in to talk about weekly entertainment and events at Tehachapi's breweries and wineries.

Season 3, Episode 45 –

Tehachapi has a new podcast, and this one is a news formatted weekly show called "In The Loop Tehachapi, " brought to you by The Loop newspaper. We talk to Nick Tanaka who is one of the co-hosts. He explains how and why it started and where they want to take the new podcast.

Season 3, Episode 44 –

Jeanette Pauer from the Tehachapi Chamber of Commerce comes in to talk about all the upcoming business and community activities over the next several weeks in Tehachapi. Jeanette talks to us about new grand openings and business growth along with what to expect from Mountain Festival.

Season 3, Episode 43 –

Canine Companions in Tehachapi is the featured topic. Madysen Rail and Chris Estes are two puppy raisers in Tehachapi. They came into the TehachaPod studio with two pups they are raising and talk to us about being volunteer puppy raisers for future service dogs. They tell us how rewarding it is to help raise a puppy before it goes off to receive its final training and get paired with a person in need of a service dog. They explain the incredible things these pups will be able to do at the end of their training journey and why they volunteer to do it.

Season 3, Episode 42 –

4th of July activities lineup and AltaOne federal Credit Union grows in Tehachapi. Stephanie Sievers the CEO of Alta One Federal Credit Union comes on the show to talk about the growing footprint in Tehachapi and how they can help small businesses and all of their members with new products. Corey Costelloe breaks down the all-day lineup of activities for the All American 4th of July Festival in Tehachapi.

Season 3, Episode 40 –

Warden Brian Cates and Lt. Eric Barthelmes from the California Correctional Institute (CCI) talk to us about the $200 million budget the Tehachapi prison has and how it impacts us locally. They also share some new rehabilitative programs they have been involved in; one being filmed as a documentary. You will learn a little more about life behind the walls of CCI.

Season 3, Episode 39 –

Freelance writer Jon Hammond (Pen in Hand) stops by to talk about the historic 1952 Tehachapi Earthquake. Jon is a local historian with a flair for writing and is also very good at sharing local history. He has interviewed numerous people over the years regarding Tehachapi's history including the earthquake event that leveled Downtown Tehachapi. The quake was a 7.3 and a dozen people lost their lives. The 70th anniversary of the quake is in July. Hammond tells us the impact of the earthquake and how Tehachapi changed forever.

Season 3, Episode 38

Clare Scotti from Discover Tehachapi stops in to talk about weekly entertainment and events at Tehachapi's breweries and wineries.

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