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John the Plumber: Looking for a few good workers

John the Plumber

On Saturday, June 25, between 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., you will find John the Plumber owner, John Nelson, at the hiring fair being held at the Aspen Builders Inc. Activity Center at 410 W. D St., Tehachapi next to West Park. On hand will also be JTP's only female plumbing tech to help answer questions from an employee's perspective.

"Growth has been a priority for us for quite a while," John tells us. "While I'll never retire, I'd like to step back and take on more of a trainer and owner role. To do that, we need a solid crew larger than what we have now. Also, we need more hands on deck to handle the demand from the community."

The company currently has one full-time plumber (besides John), three full-time plumbing technicians plus one part-time helper. "We would like to double that number in order to have enough technicians to serve the community," John explains.

John the Plumber does not require plumbing experience from new hirees. "Skills can be taught," John says. "What I can't teach is work ethics, honesty and personality, so that's what we look for in people we hire. We provide the three Ts: training, tools and truck. We give you everything you need to be successful. What we ask in return is an honest day's work with a pleasant and professional attitude and mind-set."

John the Plumber offers a competitive wage based on experience and production, 401K and health benefits with some employer contribution. They are an equal opportunity employer.

If you have any questions call (661) 823-8031 or email a resume to [email protected].