By Linda Coverdale
contributing writer 

What's Up in Bear Valley Springs?


June 11, 2022

Memorial Day in Bear Valley was honored with a ceremony at the Veteran’s Memorial by Cub Lake. The service was opened by Commander, Bill Kritlow. The guest speaker that was Cindy M. Van Bibber, the director for Bakersfield National Cemetery. She spoke on National Cemeteries and their history, back to President Abraham Lincoln. An important part of the ceremony is the induction of those who have reported to their final station. Paul, Bellinger, US Navy Veteran, called out each name and John Pruden, US Navy Veteran, presented a red rose to a survivor of each honoree.

The honorees, whose names have been added to the memorial posts, are Arden Van Peursem, US Army, Vietnam (July 1945-March 2021); Richard B. Ruiz, US Navy WII (April 1922- July 2003); Harold “Snake” Philip US Army-SP4 (Feb 1935-July 2020); and John Mcvay Stivers, US Air Force Korea (January 1934-Dec 2021).

Memorialized, also, are Cpl. Adam Zanutto, USMC, and his Gold Star family, as well as Earl Victor Sigmund, U.S. Army, and his Gold Star Family.

The CSD Board has some issues. They are short one member and are unresolved on whether to hold a special election or add another member by appointment. Kathy Carey, in public comments, stated that she really hopes they will add another member to the Board. It costs less to do it by appointment than by special election.

The BVS Garden Club, is hosting speaker Tom Neisler, the general manager of the Tehachapi-Cummings Valley Water District. That should be an interesting and information-filled meeting, taking place at the Equestrian Center, June 17 at 1 p.m.

Movies in the Park

Okay folks, the movies in the park start right away. Check e-Buzz for the schedule.

Bear Valley Springs is a private gated community in which the residents pay an annual association amenities fee. To visit, a non-member or non-resident must arrange with a friend or family member in the community for a guest pass that would permit them to engage in the activities. Guest passes will be checked.


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