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By Tanya Joham
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Miracle on the Mountain banquet for women in recovery


June 11, 2022

Tanya Joham.

The Sisterhood of the Crooked Crown (SOCC) is a local nonprofit, fiscally sponsored by the United Way of Kern County. Their mission is to bring hope to women in recovery.

The organization is currently comprised of a board of dedicated women, headed by President Liz Hartgrove. Hartgrove explained the main value the SOCC is to promote a practice of women supporting women.

"We're here to straighten another woman's crown without telling the world that it was crooked," she said.

Before moving to Tehachapi several years ago, Hartgrove attended an annual banquet for women in recovery in Redlands, California and served on the committee for three years. The self-esteem of people whose lives have been derailed by addiction - and women in particular - really takes a beating. It is usually a long and difficult road back to a normal life. The Redlands banquet was a unique way to help recovering women begin to regain their self-worth. Hartgrove described it: "The setting was beautiful, and ... the event was very inspirational. It was transformative for the ladies who attended. The way they looked at each other, the way they interacted with each other, it was clear that they realized, 'I can still be beautiful and I am still somebody who matters.' And it all started just by putting on a nice dress, being treated like a lady and being taken seriously. It was truly transformative. The Sisterhood would like to present that opportunity to the women of Kern County."

About two years ago, Hartgrove formed the SOCC to organize a local banquet inspired by the one in Redlands all those years ago. They had even made a reservation for the event at Villa La Paz, at the Chavez Center in Keene. But of course that's when COVID hit and everything came to a grinding stop. In January of this year, they picked up again where they had left off.

This October the SOCC will hold a semi-formal banquet for women in recovery called Miracle on the Mountain. Women attending this event at the beautiful La Paz Villa will experience fellowship and camaraderie with other women who are working hard to overcome the addictions and life choices that have made their lives unmanageable in one way or another.

"We're not only targeting women recovering from alcohol and drug addiction," said Hartgrove, "but women who are in recovery for all sorts of addictions and related issues: gambling, sex and love, co-dependence, you name it. It's very inclusive."

There will be an icebreaker activity after which the women will enjoy a lovely meal catered by the wonderful folks at La Paz. Each attendee will receive a gift to take home with her and there will be a drawing for door prizes. The SOCC has booked a dynamic keynote speaker from the Los Angeles area to give a message of hope.

The SOCC has also created a subcommittee to organize a dress drive. Many women in recovery have lost everything. Often they lack the means to pay their bills, let alone purchase a new semi-formal dress. The SOCC is asking the community to donate gently used formal and semi-formal dresses or fancy outfits, shoes and accessories for women who cannot afford to buy their own. The date for the dress drive has not yet been determined, but look for details in the near future on the SOCC website.

Tickets to the event are $85 each and are currently available online.

"We really tried to keep the cost of tickets low," said Hartgrove, "We don't want to make it so high that the women we're targeting will be unable to afford it."

Anyone who wants to help support this first annual event is encouraged to donate.

"On our website you can purchase a ticket, donate the cost of a ticket for a woman who can't afford one, or you can make a regular donation in any amount - it all goes through the United Way," said Hartgrove.

The goal this year, for the first annual banquet is to be able to share a message of hope and recovery with women in Tehachapi and the surrounding area. In the future, however, one of the SOCC's "big picture goals" is to be able to help support women in recovery facilities.

"Nobody should have to try and get sober while homeless, living in their car," said Hartgrove. "Not all insurance plans cover rehab expenses. Sometimes they only pay for detox or a day or two in a recovery house." She went on to explain that although "there are lots of programs for homeless people, which is awesome, there's no outreach that's geared specifically for women in recovery."

South Street Digital has generously agreed to be a sponsor and both The Loop newspaper and Tehachapi News are event media sponsors. If there are any businesses or individuals who would like to sponsor the event or donate items for door prizes, please contact Liz Hartgrove. All donations are tax deductible through United Way of Kern County.

The Miracle on the Mountain semi-formal banquet for women in recovery will take place on Oct. 8 at 6 p.m. at La Paz Villa at the Chavez Center at 29700 Woodford-Tehachapi Rd., Keene. Donation, dress drive and ticket information is available online at For more information, please email the SOCC at or call (661) 654-1109.


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