Tehachapi blood drive results

City of Tehachapi


May 28, 2022

Photo provided

Key Budge.

On May 16, the City of Tehachapi, Tehachapi Valley Recreation and Parks District (TVRPD), Tehachapi Valley Healthcare District (TVHD) and Houchin Community Blood Bank (HCBB) worked together for what turned out to be the largest turnout for a community blood drive this year.

Kristel Pollock from HCCB provided the results for the blood drive and this one tied the largest turnout by the Tehachapi community with 54 total donors.

In total, 66 people came out to roll up their sleeves, 61 registered and 54 were able to donate. Eight of them were first timers. That day, 51 people donated whole blood and three people donated platelets and plasma. Potentially 153 lives were saved, based on the estimation that each unit can save up to three lives.

"Thank you to all who come out to donate each time, it means so much to each of us involved and even more to those that receive the donations that are in medical need. We all donate blood for different reasons. For me, it's something I can do to give back. I have family members that have needed blood, so I say thank you to all on behalf of the families," said Key Budge event coordinator.

With 54 donors on May 16, Tehachapi surpasses 1,000 total donors at the community drives the City of Tehachapi hosts with TVRPD, Houchin and now TVHD. Potentially more than 3,000 lives have been impacted in Kern County because of the giving nature of our community. The next Tehachapi Blood Drive will be held Wednesday, July 13, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Mountain Vineyard Church at 502 E. Pinon St., Tehachapi.


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