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Substance abuse awareness

Cornerstone Center for Substance Abuse Treatment

At Cornerstone Center for Substance Abuse Treatment, our main goal is to fight the stigmas around mental illness; substance abuse in particular.

The stigmas turn a diagnosable treatable physical illness into character flaws, spiritual issues and a lifestyle choice that impedes those suffering from receiving the help they need. More often than not the stigmas result in an attitude of “pick yourself up by your boot straps” (a phrase that originally meant an impossible task, by the way), “just quit,” “if you just had some Jesus,” and a view that those addicted have no worth. At best these attitudes prevent someone from seeking help, but at worst they lead to an overdose and/or death.

I wish that I could say that our gorgeous mountain community has been able to avoid the epidemic of addiction and that we have resisted the stigmas, but we haven’t. Prior to the pandemic, the percentage of those in our community who struggle with a substance use disorder was 13%, a number that has only continued to rise. As one of the chaplains at our local hospital I have been there to watch many families say goodbye to their loved ones because of an overdose, and I have been present for those who have died with no one.

As a community, how do we push back the stigmas and normalize getting help? We need to talk about it and raise awareness that help is available. Families need to know that they are not alone and should not be embarrassed to ask for help. More often than not it is the shame that surrounds addiction that makes it difficult to reach out. Addiction is a disease, one that is treatable for those that desire to get healthy. Like the treatment for many diseases, it can be a messy process that can often strain everyone involved to their limits, but when the result is getting your family member back, the process is worth it.

At Cornerstone, we strive to provide the highest quality treatment and are dedicated to walking through all the difficulties and setbacks that are involved in getting clean. Our substance abuse treatment program utilizes the latest evidence based practices, seeking to treat every facet of the client. Our programs serve youth (12-17) and adults (18+). Join us in fighting the stigma as Cornerstone continues to offer hope and healing to our community.