TUSD Trailblazers, March 2022

Tehachapi Unified School District


April 16, 2022

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Robyn Hall and Wendy Murray.

The Tehachapi Unified School District (TUSD) wants to thank its teachers and staff for their dedication to providing "Uncompromising Excellence" in service of students and families.

TUSD teachers and staff continue to positively lead our schools, and their impact with students and families extends well beyond the walls of the classroom.

"TUSD Trailblazers" recognizes two staff members each month who represent the excellence and values that make Tehachapi Unified School District so special for our students. These "Trailblazers" are nominated by their colleagues for going above and beyond to make a difference for students, families and their coworkers every day.

March 2022 Trailblazers were chosen for their ability to "move mountains" in order to distinctively serve TUSD students, families and colleagues. A total of 57 TUSD staff members were nominated this month with the final honors being awarded to Robyn Hall and Wendy Murray.

Robyn Hall is TUSD's Extended Daycare Coordinator and she is responsible for oversight of the District's Extended Day Care Program. Robyn joined TUSD in August 2021. One of Robyn's colleague's stated, "Robyn goes above and beyond to make sure high quality before and after school child care is available to TUSD families. She bridges communication with families who access child care. They are even able to see pictures of their children engaged in fun learning activities".

Another colleague wrote, "Robyn moves mountains with her staff, students and families by being attentive to their needs. Robyn fills in as needed at all the Day Care locations and knows all the children by name. She makes sure the children have goodie bags and engaging activities."

Another comment stated, "Robyn is always calm, pleasant and quick with a smile and laugh. She always provides a supportive response no matter the request."

As the TUSD Daycare Coordinator, Robyn guides each site daycare manager so that they offer students hands-on, fun activities that advance their academic, social-emotional and physical well-being. Robyn coordinates TUSD daycare at three schools and supports 14 staff members and 150 students.

TUSD thanks Robyn Hall for all she does and for "moving mountains" on behalf of TUSD students, families and team members.

Wendy Murray joined the teaching staff of TUSD in 2004. Murray, who has a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Sciences, currently serves as a 3rd-grade teacher at Tompkins Elementary School.

One of Wendy's coworkers summed it up by stating, "Wendy is a constant in this tumultuous world! Even in the face of great challenges over the last three years, Wendy is continually pushing forward to do great things for her students and for those with whom she works. She serves on Tompkins leadership team and always brings fresh insights as to how to make school interesting and engaging for students."

Wendy amazes her colleagues by "showing school spirit in all that she does with ASB" and "tirelessly reaching out to the school community and beyond to broaden the horizons of our students. From selling Smencils with the kids to assisting them to organize the canned food drive, Wendy inputs her time, energy and joy. "

Another colleague said, "She always goes above and beyond and she does tutoring every year because she cares."

Another colleague weighed in with the following comment, "Wendy has so much she can brag about, but she doesn't. She just keeps moving mountains with her humble heart and constant smile."

"Wendy has always been a Mountain Mover! She is constantly looking for ways to be innovative and make learning fun and engaging," said yet another colleague.

TUSD thanks Wendy Murray for all she does for students and staff!


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