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Meet Your New Neighbors

Netti and Louis Farrar are finally at home in Tehachapi. They bought their Bear Valley home in 2007 knowing that someday they would retire there. In 2007, one of Louis' co-workers in Fillmore suggested that they take a look at Tehachapi and Bear Valley Springs. They took a trip to Tehachapi in April and found the house that became their vacation home on their first trip. Over the years, they would visit about four or five times a year. Netti remembers doing report cards while sitting and enjoying the view.

Netti was born in Pasadena and moved to Agoura in 1968 with an older sister and a younger brother. After graduating from college, she worked as a recreation administrator before beginning a 30 year career as a teacher. She taught for five years in the Los Angeles Unified School District and then another 20 years in Simi Valley. She retired from teaching the fifth grade in June 2021.

Louis was born in Northridge and also has a sister and brother. He spent most of his adult life in the town of Santa Paula in Ventura County. For 29 1/2 years, Louis worked for Amaron International in Fillmore, a company affiliated with cement and concrete manufacturing. He retired as Plant Manager in July 2019.

Netti said the couple met on Christian Matchmaker. She was shocked to discover that Louis' father was her favorite 4th grade teacher. They married and bought a house in Santa Paula. It was not far from work for either of them and they owned it for 21 years. Netti proudly says that she raised Louis' daughter Candace. Louis loved off-roading and raced all over from Ridgecrest to Laughlin, Nevada. She said that in 2015 Louis was champion at Stateline/Primm and at Laughlin. Although he no longer races, he still loves tinkering with the cars. He also has a new project, "rebuilding" their house including moving walls and adding rooms.

Netti is looking forward to doing some traveling. She is also looking for volunteer opportunities, something there is no shortage of in Tehachapi. In the past she has been active with Relay for Life and is hoping for opportunities to assist with similar organizations here.

In the meantime, Netti and Louis have their hands full with projects at their new full time home in Tehachapi. Welcome home Netti and Louis.


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